Dudes of Kung Fu

S06E08 - Quarantined Conversations with Dr. Kenneth Jay

April 20, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic still going on, Sifu Alex "The Kung Fu Genius" Richter sits down with Dr. Kenneth Jay in next installment of "Quarantined Conversations"!

Dr. Kenneth Jay holds a masters degree in Exercise Physiology with a specialty in Cardiovascular Function as well as a PhD in Sport Science and Clinical Biomechanics.  He is the creator of the RowForge app as well as the founder of the CardioCode and KineticCode certifications.  He has trained international and Olympic level athletics, including current UFC fighter Nicolas Dalby. He has training in Wing Tsun, wrestling, Karate, and MMA.  Dr. Kenneth has been a long time mentor and friend to Dudes of Kung Fu co-host Alex Richter. 

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