Dudes of Kung Fu

Legacy - BIG Sean Madigan Tribute Episode (LIVE on Facebook)

January 20, 2021

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://fb.watch/38AutilCiR/

Join Alex Richter as he speaks to special guests John Madigan, Topher Mowry, Seth McCollum and Chris Kennedy in this very special Facebook live edition of Dudes of Kung Fu Legacy. This is a special tribute episode where we honor the memory of BIG Sean Madigan, where we all talk about Sean and how much we miss him, the future of the Dudes of Kung Fu Podcast, and Alex talks about his favorite (but never before told) BIG Sean story. Be sure to stay subscribed as we continue to post and make new content for what is now the Dudes of Kung Fu Legacy.

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Featuring: The "Kung Fu Genius" Alex Richter

Executive Producer: John Madigan

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